Head de Recursos Humanos, Mentora, Coaching, Conselheira, Advisor, Transformação Digital, Desenvolvimento de Líderes, Talentos, Sucessão, Co-Autora


More than 20 years experience in the HR field, working for global/multinational companies at different segments (Freight Forwarding, Retail, Manufacturing and Outsourcing Company) covering all HR disciplines: Compensation, Learning& Development, Talent Program, Internal Communication, Engagement& Satisfaction Survey, Succession Plan, Cultural and Digital Transformation, Employee and Union Relations, Payroll, Benefits, job positions + salaries, Health and Safety . Strong knowledge in Leadership Development and Coaching, as well HR Scorecard. Successfully planned, developed and implemented strategies which aimed to improve people’s performance, effectiveness and business growth. Fluent in English (Cambridge Certificate) and Spanish (DELE Certificate)