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I am a Human Resources professional passionated for people and engagement management. My gift is to inspire people to work for a common goal, to promote the transformation and to develop themselves. I believe in protagonism, in hard work, leadership by example and that we can make difference in the world, at least in the world around us.

In my career I have been dedicated to lead HR teams and provoque the Organizational Cultural Transformation thought the implementation of HR Strategic Model, Performance Management, HR Business Partnering, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Agile Model and Engagement Management. My professional trajectory joins experience in multinationals such as ADP, International Papel, Merial Animal Health, part of Sanofi Group and 3M.

My experience includes a diversified exposure of projects that consolidated my skills: Merging and Acquisition, Organizational Development, Organizational Design, Payroll and Labor Relations, Coaching, Career Counseling, Succession Planning, Leadership Development and Workplace Management. As a complementary experience I have had the change to led a multidisciplinary team for implementation of Strategic Planning and Project One to integrate Merial to Boehringer Ingelheim after the acquisition.

In the last 3 years I have been leading the D&I Committee to define and implement strategies to boost Diversity and to promote the Inclusion in the workplace in Brazil. In 2020 I assumed the role of leader of D&I in Latin America managing projects of awareness and education, review people management practices, establishment of groups of discussions and challenging the leadership to embrace D&I.

I have been part of Executive Committee in Merial and 3M responding for corporative subjects, country decisions and the interface with headquarter for HR topics. Recently active member of the Crises Committee to face the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic.

I am History enthusiastic, I love spend sometime reading, travelling, visiting museums and watching movies that show true stories. I am super fan to organize and make decorations for parties, including Christmas my favourite season of the year. I am married to Marcos Videira, psychologist and owner of a HR consultancy, that influenced me to like Psychology.